Hello there!

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m on a diet…again. It seems that I always am, but this time I’m hoping that it will work. My hope is with this blog I will be able to post my progress, share stories and get some much needed support and accountablity.

See, I have a wonderful fiance and he is so wonderful and loves me so much that he doesn’t think I need to lose weight. He is supportive in that he cooks healthy meals and goes for walks with me, but he will also not hesitate to go and get one when I want a hot fudge sundae.

I turn 30 on July 23 and I want to be below 200 pounds by then. I am at 209.1 right now. That’s down from 228 last spring (go me!) So join me on this journey and if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please share!

K bye